Neighborhood Design-Build Studio


Faculty & Staff

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Jacob LaBarre

Jake is a UW M.Arch graduate with over 10 years of building experience. He currently co-teaches the design/build studio and works at the Miller Hull Partnership. Prior to graduate school he worked as a lead carpenter for 8 years with JAS Design Build. He has built projects for Hutchison & Maul Architecture, Peter Cohan Architecture, and SHED, as well as designing and building his own projects and collaborating with other builders and designers.

Chad Robertson

Chad co-taught the studio in the Springs of 2007-2010. He is a UW M.Arch graduate, an independent design/builder and also the founder of Chadhaus, a design and fabrication workshop focused on craft, function, and environmental sustainability.

Thomas Schaer

Thomas co-taught the studio in Spring 2006. He also received his M.Arch from the UW and is a founding partner of SHED, a Seattle architecture and design/build firm. Thomas and Scot Carr (see below), designed the Market Heritage Center at Pike Place Market, which was also built by SHED.

Dave Sarti

Dave received his M.Arch from the UW in 1996. He has been a Designer/Project Manager at Environmental Works Community Design Center, where he designed commercial and residential buildings for a variety of low income clients. Projects include the Pike Place Market Childcare Playground, the Wing Luke Elementary School Daycare Center and the Lao Highland Community Resource Center. He has also worked with SHED and Mahlum Architects and has had his work featured in the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine. Dave co-taught the Fall studio with Steve in 2005.

Damon Smith

Damon received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University and a M.Arch from UW. Damon was a founding partner of SHED. Damon co-taught many studios with Steve between 1995 and 2005.

Scot Carr

Scot received his undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary and is a UW M.Arch graduate. He is an associate architect at Weinstein A|U in Seattle and co-taught the studio in Spring 1997.

Penelope West

Penelope is a UW Architecture graduate with her own practice in Seattle. She co-taught the studio in Spring 1996.

Catherine Maggio

Catherine is a UW Landscape Architecture graduate and works with MAKERS Architecture + Urban Design in Seattle. She co-taught the studio in Spring 1994.